“An architect can design a great golf course on paper but without the right people building it that golf course will never reach its full potential”.


What started as small talk between colleagues about the best way to go about building golf courses became a reality when we were commissioned to redesign Laguna Phuket GC in Thailand. We all felt that by building the golf course in-house, the client would have more control of the budget and timings and we would have more control of the quality of the work. Moreover, this would be an opportunity to invest in the people that would continue to work at the facility

Business partner Mark Lawson and the superintendent would manage much of the work on the ground. Mark would go onto to shape the golf course with the help of local shapers and assist with the engineering and landscape detail and the superintendent would manage the staff, procurement, course grow-in and ongoing maintenance while Paul Jansen would lead the design and landscape work.

A key highlight was the opportunity to invest in the existing crew. In that regard the staff were taught how to build bunkers and greens, install drainage and use survey gear. This investment in the crew was paramount to getting the work done on time and on budget.

See Laguna Phuket Golf Construction video:

Long Verison: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LtX7So7npQY
Short Version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gB02GjU58jg

And so the construction arm of Jansen Golf Design was born.


Mark Lawson has vast experience working in every facet of golf course construction. His work has taken him across the globe - including The Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Russia, Thailand, Australia, Fiji and China – where he has worked on a number of award winning projects. Mark is exceptional at what he does. He is both hard working and creative and his attention to detail is outstanding. He is a great educator and communicator and one of the most personable and respected people in the business.
His objective is to continue building golf courses that enhance and highlight the natural surround all whilst being very sustainable.
PRO LINKS CONSTRUCTION specialises in every facet of construction including construction audits, project management and planning, procurement and budgets, shaping, drainage / irrigation installation and supervision, Bulk earthworks and landscapes.

Contact:    Mark Lawson | markprolinks@outlook.com


A development company specialising in turn key concepts. From creating ideas, assessing their financial feasibility through to project handover, NuoBello helps create balanced, sustainable master-planned residential, resort, golf, retail and commercial projects with a focus on undeveloped and newly developing countries.

See More: www.nuobello.com


Martin Stanbury has over 30 years’ work experience throughout Australia and South East Asia. As a qualified Horticulturalist / Agronomist, with a Diploma in Horticultural Science; specializing in Turf Management, Project Management and Construction for Golf Courses, Sports Fields and Resort Developments, Martin’s objective is to continue to produce and maintain the highest possible quality and standards for each client at all times, to exceed expectations and requirements assigned to each project.

Contact: Martin Stanbury | martin.stanbury@gmail.com

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